dominating you
squirting on my thighs, your face
at least ten first things
blood stains on the walls
I cover your eye balls tight
I didn’t mean to
you where on the floor
blind as a new born kitten
our reality
bam! I slapped you hard
over the chest, the sweet face.
I think it scared you.
it also scared me.
we need deep trust and consent.
but you don’t want that.
we don’t need that shit.
you tell me to fuck consent
fuck setting up rules
your rule is no rule
I play my game within that
I know we’re tripping
chemical mind fuck
the reality within
it dissolves with time
some things can’t be changed
and there is no going back
I’ve said it before
some dark spots turn bright
I lose my self and you too
grass, house, sky, water
your pee fills me up
I spit but a drop flows down
I think it takes me
the water is cold
again, no going back now
keep floating on top
leave the real feelings
change them to something realer
pissing fuck, mind fuck
skin that gets hollow
tears, that can’t be held back, pour
warm comforting arms
the madness takes us
and again we drift away
bodies week and soft
the concrete hard cock
penetrate me in darkness
let it never stop
my ass, my pussy
all my holes chew you alive
how can we go back?
I can’t help feeling
I feel true, safe, crazy, fucked
deep emotional
it scares me to death
not the darkness, craze or pain
but all the bright spots
I’m thinking about
another box to open
to place us within
we need a new box
for this demands new boxes
for it fits nowhere

DEAD Beauty and the Beast är ett samarbete mellan koreograferna  Amanda Apetrea och Halla Ólafsdóttir. De har arbetat tillsammans och isär i olika konstellationer och projekt i flera år nu. Det handlar alltid om vänskap, kollektivitet och lust.

DEAD Beauty and the Beast är en dansföreställning som smälter ihop dans, poesi, porr, musik, ljus, mörker och allting som existerar där imellan.

DEAD Beauty and the Beast och är som namnet antyder en mörkare version av sin föregångare, Beauty and the Beast. Den kommer att arbetas fram under hösten 2016 och ha premiär våren 2017.

After effects and affects

Amanda Apetrea & Halla Ólafsdóttir