Space Labia from Lo-Fi Cherry on Vimeo.

Two alien girls meet each other by chance in a dentist office on earth. They start to fight to prove territory, but then they become friends…

Space Labia is the first video experiment based on the Femme Tenta Manifesto. It aims to investigate the monster qualities of the female genitals, in order to enable play with the female body as active and predatory. Because Lo-Fi Cherry believes these traits are more fitting to the female body, considering how she acts eats and moves

About the producer:
Currently living in Berlin, Lo-Fi Cherry produces porn videos and workshops. She teaches porn as a feminist strategy, but her main focus the last years has been on feminist tentacle porn. A feminist examination and play with different takes on the Japanese bondage porn genre.

Her label Lo-Fi Cherry Porno Pics combines feminist ideas and DIY-activism, but she is not afraid to borrow storytelling and aesthetics from mainstream productions. All her work aims to be educational and to inspire people to think outside the box, following the Lo-Fi Cherry Porno Pics’ slogan:
The art to the porn to the people

Twitter: VeryCherryXX

QPTV: LoFiCherry



Space Labia

Lo-Fi Cherry